Ted Cruz speaks to voters in Irvine, CA ahead of the primary on June 7th.

Former President Bill Clinton rallies for Hillary Clinton at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in Los Angeles, CA. April 2016.

Hillary Clinton hosts homeland security round table with Los Angeles Mayer Eric Garcetti. March 2016.

Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters in San Diego, CA. March 2016.

Chelsea Clinton in conversation with Lena Dunham and America Ferrera to discuss modern feminism and the involvement of young women in the 2016 election. Los Angeles, CA. March 2016.

Ted Cruz celebrates Super Tuesday victories with family and supporters in Houston, TX – March 2016

Ted Cruz speaks to supporters at a rally in Houston, TX – February 2016

Bill Clinton speaks at Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston, TX – February 2016

Donald Trump Rally, Ft. Worth, TX – February 2016

Bernie Sanders Greenville, SC – February 2016

Marco Rubio Columbia, SC – February 2016

Ted Cruz Columbia, SC – February 2016

Bernie Sanders Los Angeles, CA – August 2015