BREAKING: Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Calls him a “consistent, principled conservative.”

Jeb Bush has followed the line of many establishment Republicans and thrown his support behind Ted Cruz for president.

Bush’s endorsement comes on the heels of a hefty Utah victory for the Texas senator, whose success during the primary has led many to believe that he is the only candidate capable of beating Donald Trump ¬†and preventing a Democratic presidency.

Many establishment Republicans have been reluctant to coalesce behind Cruz, who is still considered to be more of an outsider than an insider. However, Bush’s endorsement, alongside the support of former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, may signal a shifting of the tides.

In an email to supporters, Bush stressed that Cruz is the party’s best hope for winning the White House in November. As we move closer toward the possibility of a brokered Republican Convention, it remains to be seen how many other party leaders will follow Bush’s example.

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