Photographic evidence of the young activist’s arrest adds credence to his record of involvement within the Civil Rights movement.

A photo from the archives of the Chicago Tribune has resurfaced, depicting 21-year-old Bernie Sanders being arrested and carried toward a police van after protesting segregation. The photo comes as Sanders himself has started to speak more publicly on the nature of his involvement in the fight against racial injustice.

After recent comments made by Civli Rights figure John Lewis, appeared to question Bernie Sanders’ involvement with the Cvil Rights movement of the 1960’s, Sanders has become more outspoken on his record. Sanders described his activist history in Chicago as an organizer of student sit-ins and as recently as last Thursday’s Nevada townhall, has openly admitted to having been arrested as a student.

The timing of these new revelations could work in Sanders’ favor as his campaign turns from the heavily white states of Iowa and New Hampshire toward more diverse electorates in Nevada and South Carolina.

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